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DITMAS PARK — There’s a brand new coffee shop in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn, and it’s serving up more than just espresso.

First-time café owner Josh Rubin has opened Whisk Bakery Café at the corner of Newkirk Avenue and Westminster Road, just east of Coney Island Avenue and directly across from P.S. 217. The café held its grand opening party on Sept. 17 in conjunction with local artists’ association Flatbush Art Studio Tour (FAST). FAST’s paintings, photographs and even a wooden sculpture remain on the cafe walls for another month.

Read more at the Brooklyn Eagle.

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  1. New Ditmas Park Café Seeks To Fill Local Need | Julian C. Dunn

  2. New Ditmas Park Café Seeks To Fill Local Need | Julian C. Dunn

  3. New Ditmas Park Café Seeks To Fill Local Need | Julian C. Dunn

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